9/30 Koch Brother Voter Fraud, American Troops Staying in Afghanistan & Bill O’Reilly Hurt

September 30, 2014

The Koch funded  Americans For Prosperity mails out hundred of thousands of dishonest voter guides, local news bury’s the lead, Bill O’Reilly offended by Stephen Colbert mocking his global fighting force idea, O’Reilly says Colbert has nothing useful to say, American troops will stay in Afghanistan, debating how to vote for in the midterms, the Obamacare provision that helps Red states, stunning Secret Service failures at the White House and how imminent was the threat from the Khorasan Group.

Reza Aslan schools CNN anchors on Islamophobia, why dropping bombs on Iraq and Syria won’t help American security, why people forget George W Bush’s legacy and your calls and IMs.

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