3/14 Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Andy Kindler

March 14, 2014

Political maestro Cliff Schecter explains the insane new pro gun law that the Georgia House just passed, why the Georgia Senate may need to block the bill, what Democratic candidate Alex Sink’s loss in the Florida 13th District special election means, how the Obama White House does not know how to sell healthcare, the problem with how Democratic candidates run, the House Progressive Caucus releases a smart budget and gets no attention, how Rob Portman was backed into supporting an unemployment insurance extension and the Obama Administration reconsiders deportation policy.

Andy Kindler objects to being called an Obamabot, Sam reviews more of his ill advised decisions in his entertainment career, Kindler is sick of the “New Atheists”, Bill Maher praises Jay Leno and Kindler responds with disgust, why Kindler also hates Fallon, Kindler’s favorite Holocaust and Kindler suggested the movie Friends with Money.  

Lindsay Graham Senate challenger calls Graham ambiguously gay And your calls and IMs.

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