5/28 ESVN #85 – Celtics Sweep, Mavs Go Up 3-0; Rangers, Stars Take 2-1 Leads. Plus, MAJOR NCAA Settlement

May 28, 2024

It’s ESVN Week #85! Emma and Bradley discuss the state of play in the NBA/NHL postseason, and the big news from last week of the NCAA settling with players to the tune of…a LOT of money.

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2:05-9:00-NBA playoffs! Celtics SWEEP Pacers; can Boston prove they’re legit in the Finals?

9:01-25:21-Wolves down 3-0 Mavs; can they avoid a sweep? Is a Celtics-Mavs matchup inevitable?? Who has the edge in this potential series?

25:22-45:33-NHL playoffs! Rangers-Panthers, Oilers-Stars CLOSE! Will we know the Stanley Cup final matchup by next week?

45:34-56:27-HUGE NCAA settlement for paying players-how will this play out? How will $ be distributed?

56:28-1:01:35-Your IM’s! And ESVN reaches 13K YouTube subs!

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