5/6 ESVN #82 – NBA, NHL Conference Semifinals Start! Cavs, Bruins & Stars Win Game 7s; Poor Leafs Fans…

May 6, 2024

It’s ESVN week #82! Emma and Bradley break down the latest action, including the start to the NBA conference semifinals.

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2:26-7:26-Cavs beat Magic in 7 games! Get opportunity to face the Celtics-is Boston beatable?

7:27-20:13-NHL game 7’s in the 1st round! Stars beat Knights in TOUGH 7 games; and Toronto Maple Leafs lose to Bruins in DEVASTATING fashion

20:14-37:13-NHL semis preview! Bruins-Panthers, Rangers-Hurricanes, Canucks-Oilers, & Stars-Avalanche

37:14-59:28-NBA semis preview! Wolves-Nuggets, Thunder-Mavs, Celtics-Cavs, Knicks-Pacers

59:29-1:09:48-Your IM’s! And Emma & Bradley give their takes on the Kendrick-Drake beef

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