4/12 Trump’s Week Of Legal & Political Jeopardy w/ Heather Digby Parton; Mark Bankston

April 12, 2024

It’s Casual Friday! Sam and Emma speak with Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at Salon.com and proprietor of the blog Hullaballoo, to round up the week in news. Then, they’re joined by Mark Bankston, partner at the law firm Farrar & Ball, to discuss a new case that he is taking up. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Iran’s impending retaliation against Israel, Israel’s ongoing prevention of certain aid amidst famine in Gaza, Biden’s student loan cancellation, the Senate’s new NLRB legislation, Biden’s closing of the gun show loophole, climate change numbers, and the SCOTUS corruption scandal(s), before diving into Pelosi’s ongoing condescension to Palestine supporters and anti-genocide activists despite her call to halt arms sales to Israel. Digby then joins, diving right into Arizona’s recent State Supreme Court decision that reverted the state to an 1860s law criminalizing abortion, the GOP responding to the ongoing abortion pressure by attempting to make the 15-week appear like a moderate position, and the lies behind the right-wing’s “exceptions” and “states rights” arguments. Next, they look to Donald Trump’s legal woes, as Heather walks Sam and Emma through the genuine threat Trump feels from his hush money trial, first exploring the tabloid fears before tackling the political consequences of a campaign finance violation that has already put Michael Cohen in jail (admittedly on federal charges), before wrapping up with what to expect from this case’s development now that it’s in Alvin Bragg’s court. Mark Bankston then joins, first updating Sam and Emma on the developments in his case representing Ben Brody, who was publicly accused by Elon Musk of being a Neo Nazi involved in a Neo Nazi brawl despite being a 22-year-old Jewish college student in a different state, including the case’s development into discovery and hearings. Next, Bankston breaks down his newest case representing Mauricio Garcia, who was wrongfully identified as the Alan, Texas Neo Nazi shooter by myriad right-wing media outlets from Fox and Newsmax to TimCast and Louder with Crowder, with no retraction or apology despite the obvious journalistic malpractice involved, cementing their lies and attacks on Garcia. Expanding on this, Mark, Sam, and Emma tackle the complete resistance to accountability from the defendants in this case so far, with some even going as far as to downplay the media corrections, from refusing to show the correct photo after showing the wrong one (*cough* Tim Pool *cough*) to fully dubbing the corrections a psyop, before wrapping up with a brief preview of the future of this case.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk go all in on the GOP’s new plan to straight-up lie to the American public about their abortion agenda, and listen to Jesse Watters struggle to mathematically conceptualize someone making less than $100k per year, plus, your IMs!

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