4/1 ESVN #77 – Jontay Porter Gambling Probe; NBA Playoffs Near; DJ Burns Mania! NCAAW LSU/Iowa Rematch

April 1, 2024

It’s ESVN Week #77! Emma and Bradley discuss the action from this past weekend in the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments, the state of the NBA playoff race, and the investigation into improper gambling by the NBA into the Toronto Raptors’s Jontay Porter.

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1:10-4:16-Bradley’s April Fool’s confession; RIP Vontae Davis

4:17-4:44-VERY brief MLB check-in-the Mets suck, the Yankees are good, what else is new

4:45-22:09-Jontay Porter investigated for prop betting on himself; sports betting being overemphasized on every broadcast-how do the leagues regulate it?

22:10-44:38-NBA end-of-season/playoff preview: who’ll be MVP?

44:39-57:57-March Madness! CLASSIC matchup between LSU-Iowa; the NC State Cinderalla run continues; and a brief update on the College Hockey Frozen Four!

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