11/13 ESVN #61 – NFL WEEK 10! Dobbs & Stroud ROLL; Browns Legit? Kyler Spoils Tank? Plus, Oilers IMPLODE

November 13, 2023

It’s ESVN Week #61! Emma and Bradley break down more crazy NFL week 10 action, as well as the rapid decline of the Edmonton Oilers only 25 games into the NHL season.

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4:04-5:46-Jets and Giants in free fall, STOP PUTTING THEM IN PRIMETIME!

5:47-14:05-The Vikings miracle run with Josh Dobbs continues!

14:06-26:05-CJ Stroud SHINES against the Bengals! What else can be said about this guy?

26:06-40:28-Browns beat Ravens! Deshaun Watson plays his best half in a Browns uniform; The AFC North, the AFC in general, is a BLOODBATH!

40:29-50:24-Kyler Murray returns to Arizona! Did he screw with their tank? Also, will this be the end of the road for Arthur Smith in Atlanta?

50:25-55:45-Odds and ends-Lions offense is EXPLOSIVE, Chargers are INFURIATING

55:46-1:00:55-Bradley UNLOADS on the Jets

1:00:56-1:09:03-Early NHL thoughts: the Oilers are SPIRALING

1:09:04-1:15:45-Your IM’s!

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