9/18 ESVN #53 – NFL WEEK 2: 49ers & Cowboys Flourish, Bengals & Chargers Fall; Plus, Mike Babock Resigns

September 18, 2023

It’s ESVN Week #53! Emma and Bradley break down some of the NFL Week 2 action, who’s looking good and who’s looking…not so good, and the big NHL news of Columbus Blue Jackets coach Mike Babcock resigning for unprofessional conduct towards his players.

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Saints 24, Panthers 17
Steelers 20, Browns 17


Saints 20, Panthers 14
Browns 27, Steelers 20


3:01-26:59-WEEK 2 ACTION; Emma and Bradley recap their team’s games-Emma’s joy at the Giants MIRACULOUS comeback, Bradley’s MISERY at well…the Jets; and the Cowboys may be a problem…

27:00-34:56-The 49ers are LEGIT…but so are the Rams! 

34:57-47:12-Patriots-Dolphins-Dolphins offense is EXPLOSIVE; Can Coach Belichick and GM Belichick ever figure it out?

48:01-57:58-Are the Bengals…bad?? What’s going on??


1:09:24-1:18:58-Emma and Bradley’s Monday Night Football predictions! And a quick spotlight on Anthony Richardson and CJ Stroud!

1:18:59-1:35:59-Mike Babcock FIRED by the Columbus Blue Jackets for inappropriate player treatment

1:36:00-1:48:39-YOUR IM’S! The Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield’s family legal troubles, a Colorado-Colorado State recap, and maybe Kirk Cousins to the Jets?

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