8/4 Trump’s Perp Walk

August 4, 2023

It’s an ALL CALLS edition of Casual Friday! Call in at 646-257-3920 if you want to chat with the MR Crew! First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Donald Trump’s Not-Guilty plea, his other legal challenges, the continuing Fed assault on labor, Justice Kagan’s response to Alito, the Biden Crime Family, more scientific support for gender-affirming care, and Wisconsin’s new era of politics, before diving into Jeff Merkley’s discussion of a Biden primary challenger, and where the progressive fight lies heading into 2024. Next, they expand on the massive indictment on Donald Trump that occurred this week, a first step in holding any US President accountable for their actions, watching Trump’s attorney John Lauro talk with Laura Ingraham as a foreshadowing of his future legal defense, alongside his “other” defenses (delaying and racism). Next, they parse through Jack Smith’s killer indictment, and how the work tactfully prepares for the various legal avenues Trump’s defense might take, before wrapping up the free half by basking in the glory of Rudy Giuliani’s hellish last few weeks of leaks.

And in the Fun Half: Nick from Pennsylvania dives into Tesla’s various product failures, John from Oregon tests the waters on that whole “alien” thing, and Jessica from Ohio clarifies that the Kink community does NOT claim Rudy Giuliani. Jasmine from Texas gives an update on SB-193, and Josh from Chicago discusses the Saudi invasion of professional sports. They also chat with Hank from Austin, and Brandon from Cincinnati on organizing under Amazon, plus, your calls and IMs!

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