6/22 Anti-Abortion Attack Goes Global; Mayor’s Race In Houston w/ Sian Norris & Sam Russek

June 22, 2023

It’s another EmMajority Report Thursday! She speaks to journalist Sian Norris to discuss her recent book Bodies Under Siege: How the Far-Right Attack on Reproductive Rights Went Global. Then, Emma talks to Sam Russek, reporter and researcher at The New Republic, to discuss his recent piece on the upcoming Houston mayoral race. First, Emma runs through today’s headlines, diving into a disheartening SCOTUS decision, and the growing friendliness between Indian PM Narendra Modi and myriad institutions of the US, from Democratic leadership to Big Tech and Elon Musk. Sian Norris then joins as she dives right into the foreign exchange of discrimination that occurs across the West, both between issues – such as anti-LGBTQ discourse advancing anti-abortion issues – and countries, with the US importing the UK’s TERFdom while exporting the vehement hatred for reproductive rights. Expanding on this, Norris parses through the role of social media in bolstering this global exchange of discrimination, bringing domestic narratives and lies to every inch of the globe, and creating a network of discrimination that serve to reinforce the quintessential European and US ideology of white male supremacy. Wrapping up, Emma and Sian assess the state of discrimination in both the US and Europe, and the role of austerity and financial crisis in bolstering this hatred. Sam Russek steps back as he analyzes the history of Houston’s mayoral race, first tackling who the “Left” candidates are, and why none of them genuinely represent the progressive wing of the party. Wrapping up, Russek looks to the role of labor (and the Fire Department’s union in particular) in exposing truths of John Whitmer and Sylvester Turner’s respective ideologies, both for better and worse, and dives into the failures of the Texas democratic parties and Houston’s democratic leadership.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as they parse through the absurd and glorious confrontation between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, and watch Donald Trump’s bold response to questions about his role in developing the COVID vaccine. Marcus from Left Flank Vets tackles the state of military recruiting, Kowalski from Nebraska gives us an agriculture update, and Glenn Beck sparks a conversation on the right’s ridiculous relationship to slurs. Bernie absolutely shuts down Fox’s Wall Street talking points, and Eric from Jersey parses through the misinformation and disinformation tactics of the anti-vax wing, plus your calls and IMs!

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