5/22 ESVN #37 – Bye Bye Celtics, Lakers. Jimmy Butler and Tkachuk Ball Out. Arizona Coyotes Gotta GTFO!

May 22, 2023

It’s ESVN Week #37, and the Dynamic Duo is back! Emma and Bradley are here after a week off to discuss the state of affairs in the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the sorry Arizona Coyotes staying in Arizona despite no one wanting them there.

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2:21-30:13-NBA playoffs roundup! Boston getting WORKED by Miami-What’s going on with the Celtics? Jimmy Butler is DIFFERENT; Nuggets destroying the Lakers-are they the most complete team left?

30:14-35:26-Carmelo Anthony retires-what is legacy?

35:27-43:53-Ja Morant being young and dumb-how can he turn this around?

43:54-54:25-NHL playoffs roundup! Matthew Tkachuk is CLUTCH; Knights playing GREAT hockey

54:26-1:04:58-A requiem for the Oilers and Leafs-Why did the Leafs fire GM Kyle Dubas?

1:04:59-1:10:31-Arizona wants the Coyotes GONE!

1:10:56-1:33:54-Your calls!

1:33:55-1:39:00-The NFL agrees to flex some Thursday Night Football games-who it benefits, who it screws

1:39:01-1:47:43-Pro-Palestinian football fan gets kicked out PSG game; Vinicius Jr. subjected to INSANE racism in La Liga

1:47:44-1:50:22-Your IM’s!

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