8/16 Trump’s Veiled Threat, The Damage Of Stock Buybacks, & Amazon Choke Point

August 16, 2022

Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day, as “Build Back… a bit” finally reaches Biden’s desk and more primaries approach. First, Sam discusses today’s primaries in Alaska and Wyoming, updates from New York’s primaries next week, and the ongoing Georgia election interference case bringing Rudy Giuliani and Lindsay Graham to the forefront, before also touching on Louisiana’s official abortion void. Next, they dive deep into the varying conservative responses to the raid on Mar-a-Lago, from Stuart Varney and Rachel Campos-Duffy walking through Trump’s mild-mannered threats in awe of his zen to Doocy and Kilmeade beefing over treatment of the FBI, also admiring Senator Tim Scott’s misunderstanding of the DOJ’s secrecy. Sam also walks through some bonus elements of Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act, including why pretending taxing stock buybacks will do anything is a complete fool’s errand, walking through the corrupt history of stock buybacks that brought us here, and why a tax on repatriated profits is so necessary with US corporate wealth piling up overseas. After a discussion on Scotland’s new policy providing free menstrual care supplies (all the infrastructure for which already exists in the US), they wrap up the first half with the story of the recent 160+ person walkout at Amazon’s San Bernardino, CA logistics hub, highlighting the importance of leveraging a company where it hurts especially when it’s as massive as Bezos’ child is.

And in the Fun Half: Doocy and Kilmeade beef, NC GOP Congressional candidate asks Brandon-haters to stop disparaging Banana Republics nationwide, Kate from the University of Iowa discusses how to cover far-right news, and Jeff from Columbus explores Tulsi Gabbard’s horrible past and Andrew Yang’s directionless future. The crew gets into the relationship between immigration and the cheap labor lobby, Kari Lake tiptoes to line up behind DeSantis, and Ronald Raygun dives into the Farm Work Modernization act. John from Kentucky discusses SCOTUS as an active political institution, plus, your calls and IMs!

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