12/14 The Jan. 6th Fox News Text Chain With Meadows And Hasan Piker On A Cracker w/ Hasan Piker

December 14, 2021

Sam breaks down what’s to come in the week in news, from the continuing Build Back Better negotiations to updates on the court, labor, COVID and more! Sam is then joined by newly Twitch-banned Hasan Piker! He and the MR crew start off with Peter Doocy asking Jen Psaki about the war zone that is Christmas crime sprees as seen in the attack on the Fox News Christmas tree, before looking at the reactionary reporting on people leaving their jobs due to vaccine mandates, including a whopping 27 Air Force members. Next, they jump into the Meadows news, walking through the idiocy of turning over all of the relevant documents before refusing to testify, why Trump was able to scare him out of testifying, and the incredible 1/6 texts from notoriously reasonable characters Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump Jr. pleading with Trump’s Chief of Staff. Next, Hasan joins Sam for the first inaugural Crackers & Cheese segment (missing the cheese), as they explore Hasan’s recent ban from Twitch, and how bringing the “C-word” into the category of bannable slurs capitulates to white fragility and identity politics by ignoring the importance of contextual systemic subjugation. From here, they cover the importance, in general, of Terms of Service, and of de-platforming in response to overreach, discussing how a lack of ToS tends to lead to Nazis, pedophiles, and/or nazi-pedophiles, before looking at how media can and cannot encourage shifts in cultural consciousness, the importance of media aligning with existing views on material reality and inequality, and how Right Wing astroturf campaigns brilliantly and destructively unite culture war and weirdly specific policy to capitalize on this.

And in the Fun Half: The MR Crew takes on the importance of OSHA and disaster regulations in the wake of the Kentucky tornado and the multiple instances of employer-forced danger that resulted in countless deaths. Sam also gets the opportunity to differentiate types of inflation, and Danny from Culver City calls in to discuss the imprisonment of Daniel Baker, an anarchist who posted about armed defense of the Capitol after Jan 6th. Western Mass Girl calls in to discuss the horrors of home-brewed COVID prevention, plus, your calls and IMs!

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