9/24 The Reconciliation Fight: Did Biden Really Learn From Obama’s Mistakes? w/ Alex Pareene & Andy Kindler

September 24, 2021

It’s Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, contributing editor at The New Republic and author of the AP newsletter on Substack to wrap up the week in news. Alex, Emma, and Sam immediately dive into the state of the Democratic Party now that leadership and media have now fully committed to both dismantling the infrastructure package, the central part of Biden’s agenda, and blaming the progressives for tanking Biden’s agenda. They begin by reflecting on the Dems’ ability to find $1 Billion for Israel’s Iron Dome, exploring the leverage behind AOC’s disheartening vote and why they seem completely unable to level anything against Joe Manchin, no matter the familial controversies or previous statements that are readily available to be cited whenever by whoever. They also discuss the Biden Administration’s devastating immigration policy, particularly with his election as a repudiation of Trump’s xenophobic policy, and how the response to the “images” of abuse of Haitian refugees alongside the gutting of the infrastructure package has simply further emphasized Biden’s staunch commitment to making everyone unhappy with his presidency. After wrapping up the infrastructure talk and covering the incredible levels of incompetence and disappointment at hand, they touch on Alex’s recent piece on the lyme disease vaccine. Emma and Sam wrap up the free half with former Haiti Special Envoy Daniel Foote’s resignation over the Biden Admin’s treatment of Haitian refugees, and Jen Psaki’s just insane response.

In the second half, Sam and Emma are joined by comedian Andy Kindler as they cover his favorite topics, from the nuances of InfoWars production to a valid reason to break out the Italiphobic impressions. In the Fun Half the MR crew also dive into Biden’s pivot to the Pacific as a continuation of a neocon project started decades ago and the first real threat we’ve had for a new cold war, before covering Michael Tracey’s response to everything but Matt Lech’s single question, plus, your IMs!

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