8/30 Hurricane Ida and The Delta Variant Batter Louisiana w/ Dr. MarkAlain Dery

August 30, 2021

Sam’s back this week as him and Emma host infectious disease specialist  Dr. MarkAlain Dery, infectious disease physician and epidemiologist at Access Health Louisiana and host of the daily NoiseFilter Podcast, to discuss the fallout from Hurricane Ida making landfall in Louisiana, the evacuation efforts, and what it means for hospitals battling COVID-19 at the same time. Calling in from New Orleans City Hall, Dr. Dery describes the development of this perfect storm; following a massive uptick in Delta cases throughout the south and with hospitalizations still on the rise, despite already being at capacity, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana immediately knocking out power and causing medical emergencies throughout New Orleans. He also dives into the lessons that the city had learned from Katrina, with improved infrastructure around levies and roofing, and looks into the evacuation attempt in the city. He, Sam, and Emma also look forward to how the viral pandemic will continue to develop after ravaging the south, with Dr. Dery looking at unvaccinated pockets throughout the country and the political games being played by Republican governors as the largest threats, as well as the likely developments of more and more strains as global vaccine rates remain low. They wrap up the interview with a discussion on the importance of responsible public health communication from both representatives and the mainstream media. Sam and Emma also look into the developments in the Afghanistan Evacuation, the U.S.’s resumption of killing civilians in the region, and the failure of the U.S. infrastructure to prepare hospitals for the pandemic and Hurricane Ida (if only there was an infrastructure package that was properly supported).

And in the Fun Half: Sam gives an update on approving his Suns out Guns out license, the MR crew discusses the stirrings of the covid horrors as schools begin to reopen as well as the incredible culpability of the legitimate media that is “just asking questions” around vaccine skepticism. They also touch on some stories of regret on this coverage, including from a chiropractor in North Dakota, and Emma takes on the sapping of collective consciousness from public health issues in our “me” society. Josh from Chicago keeps the EmMajority Report alive with a fantasy football segment, Jake the Teacher discusses the chaos in the NYC school system’s handling of Covid, plus, your calls and IMs!

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