7/28 The State of Antitrust Policy and Active Governance on the Left w/ Matt Stoller

July 28, 2021

Sam and Emma host Matt Stoller, Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project and author of the Substack newsletter Big, to discuss the state of antitrust reform in the U.S., as well as the Biden administration’s recent antitrust-heavy appointments to the DOJ and FTC. They begin with the state of Biden’s presidency and how he has shown his populist roots (outside of fundraising), appointing Lina Khan and Jonathan Kanter to the FTC and DOJ, respectively, in an attempt to take on the concentrated power dominating – and hindering – our economy. They also touch on the importance of antitrust regulations in a self-sustaining economy, how our competition with China is used to prevent going after big tech in a wholesale manner, and the absurdity of considering supply chains and monopoly law as outside of the political realm. Stoller, Emma, and Sam then get into how the current state of leftist ideology doesn’t consider trade as inherently political, ignoring reformation that can have material impact in governance, instead, digging their feet into an anti-government stance, before wrapping up the conversation on what to expect from Biden’s Administration moving forwards, and why democrats should move towards anti-trust regulations as an easy (and impactful) win in the public eye. Sam and Emma wrap up the first half by exploring the developments in the Daniel Hale whistleblowing case, and checking in on the Jan. 6 select committee hearing’s affirmation of the disgusting events of the insurrection attempt.

And in the Fun Half: Zachary from Birmingham calls in to join continue the discussion Stoller started in the first half, which Bro Flamingo picks up on, touching on why he finds still the left as the more productive players in active governance, even if they could do more. They also touch on why the liberal superiority complex, while annoying, is not a primary issue in the discussion around masking, before Emma takes on the moral posturing of the classic “in this house” liberal platitudes sign, no matter how much they truly believe that immigrants are real and no science is illegal. The MR crew also looks into the continued chaos around conservatives coverage of the vaccine, and their refusal to let go of undermining public health before basking in the glory of Matt Gaetz being accosted during a press conference with MTG, and discussing the white supremacy ingrained in the mythos and policy that built America with Adam from Tiwa lands in NM. We say one more goodbye to Brendan, plus, your calls and IMs!

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