7/13 Texas Dems’ Last Stand to Protect State Voting Rights & the Supreme Court’s Green Light to Suppress the Vote w/ Ari Berman

July 13, 2021

Sam and Emma host Ari Berman, writer at Mother Jones and author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America (2015), to discuss the restrictive voting bill making its way through the Texas State Legislature in a special session called by Governor Abbott, which has led Texas Democrats to leave the state to avoid meeting a quorum for the vote. They discuss the trajectory of the voting rights struggle since Ari wrote his book, the amount of laws like this going through statehouses across the country, the “godfather of redistricting” Richard Hofeller, John Roberts’s lifelong crusade against the Voting Rights Act, Republicans “institutionalizing the Big Lie”, what Ari would do if Joe Biden asked him how to bring federal voting rights legislation home through this Congress ahead of the President’s big speech today in Philadelphia, and how filibuster reform is what all of these discussions run through.

And in the fun half, former Trump State Department spox Morgan Ortagus gets her Asian countries mixed up when coining her catchphrase “the Genocide Olympics” on Fox News, Dave Rubin wonders aloud why no towns in Africa have been wiped out due to COVID, a NewsMax interview gets weird when Rob Finnerty asks a medical doctor “…why should vaccines…get in the way of nature?” House Minority Leader and Martin Luther King acolyte Kevin McCarthy sermonizes with Dave Rubin (in a repeat appearance on the program) about how the late Reverend would despise Critical Race Theory, and Maria Bartiromo wonders aloud with the former President as to why Ashli Babbitt was shot “climbing out of a window” on January 6th (????) Plus, your calls and IM’s!

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