1/6 Big Wins in Georgia & The Future of Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout w/ David Wallace-Wells

January 6, 2021

Sam breaks down last night’s promising results in Georgia and their implications. Then David Wallace-Wells (@dwallacewells) joins the program to discuss his recent New York Magazine piece, “America’s Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster.”

On today’s show: In victory speech, Warnock pays tribute to mother and family who got him there. Jon Ossoff touts pandemic relief in his victory speech.

David Wallace-Wells (@dwallacewells) joins the program to discuss his recent New York Magazine piece, “America’s Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster.” Why CA is the center of the fall/winter surge and the arrival of a new strain of Covid. Why are healthcare workers resisting the vaccine? Cuomo’s patronage deal with private hospitals. The delta between what Trump promised by end of year and how many vaccines have actually been given. How the Defense Production Act could speed things along.

Pence admits Trump lost the election.

On the fun half: Trump gets the crowd chanting “bullshit” re: Mitt Romney. Pence releases a God-filled statement. Fox and Friends admit that after Wednesday electoral college certification “that’ll be it.” Chris Coons says Dems still need to compromise with Republicans. PA State Senate refuse to seat Democratic Senator, expel Lt. Gov Fetterman from Senate chamber. MAGA riots break out at capitol. Trump addresses crowd, says they’re going to take back the country. Trump supporters raise a cross outside capitol. Trump supporters tell police they don’t support them anymore because police aren’t defending the constitution. Trump supporters in Georgia explain how they vote, say they don’t believe Trump lost election, anything can happen (maybe a civil war). Dave Rubin is skeptical of reports that California hospital ICUs are at capacity because he sees empty parking lots, “I don’t know I’m just asking questions.” Charlie Kirk says if you don’t defy state public health orders you’re part of the problem. Kansas City tenant organizers erect a human blockade outside Jackson County courthouse. Plus, your calls and IMs.

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