11/11 Democratic Soul-Searching w/ Ryan Grim

November 11, 2020

Sam hosts Ryan Grim (@RyanGrim), DC Bureau Chief of the Intercept, to discuss the Democrats’ troubling results last Tuesday and how party dynamics will play out in the next congressional term.

On today’s show: Fox News’ Howard Kurtz does “both sides” comparison of GOP obstruction of Biden transition team and Whoopi Goldberg being mean. Chris Coons says don’t worry about GOP, says GOP are sending him congrats to Biden in private, can’t say it publicly.

Sam hosts Ryan Grim (@RyanGrim), DC Bureau Chief of the Intercept, to discuss the Democrats’ troubling results last Tuesday and how party dynamics will play out in the next congressional term. How Trump is going hard against the deep state in his lame duck period. Theories on why Biden isn’t campaigning for Senate candidates. How Chris Coons, other Dems, consistently undercut their own message about Republicans. Pelosi and co’s absurd attacks on the left wing of the party.

On the fun half: Laura Ingraham hosts anonymous Nevada pollworker whistleblower. Biden laughs at Pompeo comment about 2nd Trump administration. Matt Gaetz says GOP needs address “voter fraud” before ballots are cast, says Project Veritas doing a better job than DOJ. An amusing doctored Laura Ingraham video. Saagar and Krystal Ball say the Bill Barr hubbub is an overreaction. How do the Democrats raise class consciousness and improve their numbers in red states? Plus, your calls and IMs!

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