10/9 Trump’s Fevered PR Spree & A Failed Kidnapping Plot In MI w/ Digby & Andy Kindler

October 9, 2020

Sam hosts Digby (@digby56) of Salon.com and comedian Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) to recap Trump’s return to the coronavirus White House, the foiled kidnapping plot in Michigan, and the rest of the week’s biggest stories.

On today’s show: Trump won’t answer Hannity on whether he tested negative for Covid. Trump says they oscillated his mic in 2016, thinks WH should put on a debate itself.

Sam hosts Digby (@digby56) of Salon.com joins Sam to discuss the stories of the week, including: Trump’s Covid-ridden return to the White House and the world at large. Senate races Dems could win. Pelosi and Mnuchin’s relief package negotiations. Is a wedge being driven between Trump and Mitch McConnell? How Trump is responsible for the failed kidnapping plot in Michigan.

Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) joins Sam to talk about the state of the comedy world: Joe Rogan is a dumbass, Adam Carolla is right-wing, and Louis CK was never that great!

On the fun half: THURSDAY: Hannity complains about media, Trump complains about left and Whitmer’s response to kidnapping plot. FRIDAY: Brian Kilmeade says Whitmer not grateful to Trump and DOJ. Tim Pool complains about leftists who criticize him over civil war. IMAGE: Screenshots of Tim Pool’s Civil War clips. Michigan Sheriff defends militia members charged in kidnapping plot. LAST WEEK: Eric Trump says his father saved Christianity. Dave Rubin desperate to be a new right-wing bad boy, hates on Kamala Harris: “Nothing to do with her skin or boobs.” THURSDAY: Kelly Loeffler sends generic social media post congratulating Trump. Plus, your IMs.

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