7/3 The DNC’s Dead End Politics & The Coming Eviction Apocalypse w/ Alex Pareene & Jack Crosbie

July 3, 2020

Sam hosts Alex Pareene (@pareene), staff writer at The New Republic and host of The Politics of Everything podcast to discuss the week’s top stories. AM Quickie writer Jack Crosbie (@jscros) also joins to discuss his new project The Discourse

On today’s show: Trump says Covid is “getting under control,” says virus has “got a life… we’re putting out that life.” Trump brags about unemployment numbers, down to 11%.

Sam hosts Alex Pareene (@pareene), staff writer at The New Republic and host of The Politics of Everything podcast, to discuss the week’s top stories. Progressive wins (Jamaal Bowman!) and losses (Charles Booker). Who will Biden pick as his running mate? The coming eviction apocalypse.

AM Quickie writer Jack Crosbie (@jscros) joins Sam to discuss his new project The DiscourseAlso: DNC pours money into Amy McGrath’s quixotic campaign. Why “The Lincoln Project” is garbage. Right wing talker Joe Pags parodies “at the hop” as “at the CHOP.” Got ’em!

On the fun half: ‘She’s got the gun on me’: White woman charged with assault after pulling pistol on black mother, daughter. Asked if WH regrets pushing reopening so quickly, Mnuchin says “absolutely not,” claims it’s the states’ responsibility. Cole James Cash announces Ghetto News Network on Means TV. How should socialists relate to electoralism? Tucker Carlson offers a belabored mixed metaphor comparing spread of BLM protests to corona virus. WEDNESDAY: Ben Carson says painting BLM in the streets is like having a confederate flag painted in a public space. Dean Cain says Superman could never say “truth justice and the American way” today.

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