6/17 LBGTQ Rights & the Supreme Court’s 2020 Term w/ Jay Willis

June 17, 2020

Sam hosts Jay Willis (@JayWillis), senior contributor at The Appeal, to discuss the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on LGBTQ discrimination and what lies ahead for the 2020 court term.

On today’s show: Covid cases spike in many states. Aubrey Huff says he’s not wearing a mask, says he won’t stop living because people have preexisting conditions.

Sam hosts Jay Willis (@JayWillis), senior contributor at The Appeal, to discuss the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on LGBTQ discrimination and what lies ahead for the 2020 court term. The weird logic Neil Gorsuch used to arrive at this opinion. The constitutional principles at play in both the majority opinion and the Alito dissent. How the Chevron doctrine factors in. What other decisions may be coming down the pike?

On the fun half: Trump says he’ll ban choke holds with the exception of when an officer thinks his life is threatened. Glenn Beck says Soros is paying Syrian Kurds (bad Kurds, commies) to train US protestors to topple America. Steven Crowder gets mad at black mural artist for saying white people call the cops on black people, immediately calls the cops on him. Is Paw Patrol indoctrinating our children with fascist copaganda? Matt Walsh says Pontius Pilate caved to mob rule, implies Jesus was cancelled by PC culture. Tucker says his show last night about BLM’s unchecked power was highest rated, says he and his viewers are not crazy for fear that PC mob will come for them. Tom Cotton says Twitter threatened to shut down his account after Cotton said he’d send military to shoot protestors. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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