6/3 Protests, Police Violence…Primaries? w/ Aaron Kleinman & Michael Brooks

June 3, 2020

Sam hosts Aaron Kleinman (@bobbybigwheel), director of research at the Future Now Fund, to discuss last night’s primary results and voting during Covid-19, and Michael Brooks joins for the fun half.

On today’s show: DC police teargas a 100% peaceful protest. Lakota helicopter hovers low over protesters in effort to intimidate. GOP senators deflect/ignore/leave when asked about Trump’s actions against Lafayette Square peaceful protest.

Aaron Kleinman (@bobbybigwheel), director of research at the Future Now Fund, joins Sam to discuss last night’s primary results and voting during Covid-19. The general anti-incumbent sentiment in the air. Progressive upsets in NM and PA; Valerie Plame loses to a progressive. DSA-endorsed Summer Lee fends off primary challenge from her right. The difficulties of knocking off incumbents during a pandemic. Steve King loses his primary. WI GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote causes backlash.

On the fun half: Peaceful protestor arrested after professing love and pain for all involved in protests (including cops). Cops brutalize press as they march into protest. California military grade truck tells protestors who don’t move they “will be dead.” Campus reform dork Cabot Phillips says young people join antifa because of leftist indoctrination at college, desire to be cool. Trump insists he was only down in the bunker to inspect it. Tucker Carlson says if protests continue, nobody will want to be a cop and “young men with guns will police neighborhoods.” Protester roasts cops in comedic fashion. White Philadelphia locals roaming streets with baseball bats, serve as American brownshirts. Plus, your calls and IMs.

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