3/25 The Senate’s $2 Trillion Pandemic Stimulus Package (Plus Michael Brooks Returns!)

March 25, 2020

Sam breaks down the Senate’s $2T stimulus package with special guest Michael Brooks who makes his MR social distancing debut!

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-New info from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment: It’s possible, but unlikely, for the virus to be spread by infected people touching surfaces.

-Food safety and corona virus: a guide from Serious Eats (https://bit.ly/3bu6QqD)

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-Chilling interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb notes that 56% of hospitalized corona patients in NYC are under age 50 (https://bit.ly/2Uo3tfp)

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On today’s show: Governor Cuomo suspends mortgages but not rent payments in New York. State Senator Mike Gianaris introducing a bill to freeze rents for tenants; NYC residents call your local reps!

Sam and Michael break down the Senate’s $2 trillion stimulus package. The Democrats’ utter failure to leverage Trump’s homicidal incompetence. Should help for businesses and help for people have gone in two separate packages? The House version of the bill. The superior measures Denmark and South Korea are taking. Trump annoyed with governors criticizing his inaction: “it’s a two-way street.” Boeing CEO David Calhoun on Fox Business: “We have other options” if government wants to condition bailout on getting a share in the company. Brit Hume supposes people are mad about Trump’s Covid-19 response because we’re polarized, which makes everyone mad about everything.

On the fun half: What could Biden do to appeal to Bernie supporters? Joe Biden flubs Covid-19 response statement on The View: “the cure will be worse than the problem.” Bernie on MSNBC says that bailouts need to be done in a way that protects working people. Caller asks why he should vote for Biden when the Dems have been screwing him over for decades. Michael makes the case for the progressive left boycotting the election until certain demands are met. Trump says reopening country on Easter would be beautiful. Fauci’s reaction when Trump says “deep state department.”  Trump press secretary not sure if task force was informed about Trump’s Easter Sunday decision. Raygun shares stories of government malpractice around Covid-19 and immigration courts.

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