3/3 Super Tuesday Preview w/ Dave Weigel

March 3, 2020

Dave Weigel from the Washington Post’s The Trailer joins Sam to preview Super Tuesday and what to expect from the day’s massive delegate haul.

On today’s show: Chris Matthews retires, acknowledging how workplace behavior has changed. Biden can’t quite quote the declaration of independence.

Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) joins us to discuss predictions for Super Tuesday. The impact of the Clyburn endorsement. Why did most of the turnout surge go to candidates other than Bernie? Obama’s hands-off approach to influencing the election. How will white rural voters behave without a Clinton to vote against? What’s up with the Warren and Bloomberg campaigns? How much would Bernie benefit from Warren dropping out? Tentative evidence on Bernie turning out non-voters, winning independents. Working Families Party says Warren will not endorse Biden.

On the fun half: Meghan McCain says Super Tuesday is Bernie supporters’ Alamo, calls them dirty thugs. Fox and Friends says establishment (Perez, Clinton, Obama) is lining up to stop Bernie. Beto says we need Joe Biden to restore “moral authority” of the country. June 2019: Beto says Biden is a return to the past. Pete Buttigieg puts on a Texas drawl, says Biden will “win the era for the values we share.” Sept 2019: Buttigieg (correctly) says Biden’s message of returning to normal won’t turn out voters in Midwest. Trump wonders why we can’t use vaccine being tested now as soon as tomorrow. Trump wonders if we use the flu vaccine to fight COVID-19 too, right? 2000: Biden votes “yes” on tabling Wellstone amendment, which would have required drugs developed with public money to be sold at reasonable prices. 2000: Bernie advocates for affordable drug prices on House floor. A caller on why her conservative TX relatives like Bernie.

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