2/14 Exposing Bloomberg’s Racist Past & Present w/ Emma Vigeland & Ben Dixon

February 14, 2020

Sam hosts Emma Vigeland of TYT (@EmmaVigeland) and Ben Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show (@BenjaminPDixon) to discuss the week’s top stories.

On today’s show: Hero takes selfie with Bloomberg, gets him to say “stop and frisk!”

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) joins us to discuss his discovery and viral propagation of the racist Bloomberg video. How do we get this information out to black voters to stop this oligarch from buying the Democratic Party and ruining our democracy? Ben has thoughts. NYT video on Tyquan, a stop and frisk target during Bloomberg’s administration. 2008: Michael Bloomberg says ending redlining caused the housing crisis(!) Bloomberg claims we improve education by cutting teaching force in half, doubling class size. Study Hall offers microgrant for memes that spread the truth about Bloomberg. Warren attacks Bloomberg for trying to buy the election. Bloomberg’s sexual harassment lawsuits. Bloomberg says he’s friends with Trump. Bloomberg claims dummies in flyover states don’t understand trans people.

On the fun half: Bill Barr says Trump’s tweets make it impossible for him to engage in a cover-up. Kamala grills Barr in Mueller hearings. Giuliani is losing his mind on Ukraine disinformation. Former Ohio state wrestler testifies Jim Jordan called him crying on July 4th.

Virgil Texas (@VirgilTexas) of Chapo Trap House brings the wonk party re: the NH primary, voter turnout, and the biggest threat to Bernie.

Dennis Prager says it’s not fair white people can’t say the N-word. Katie Porter questions census director on RNC mailers “2020 Congressional District Census.”

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