2/10 Welcome to the BS Economy w/ David Dayen

February 10, 2020

Happy Monday! Sam is back from his quick trip to New Hampshire and is joined by the executive editor at the American Prospect David Dayen to discuss his latest, “Welcome to the Bullshit Economy,” which examines why our economy rewards grift over competency. Sam and Dayen take stock of the Democratic Party leadership after its chaotic week in Iowa. Dayen expounds why projects like Shadow and Acronym typify our Bullshit Economy, where self-dealing and denial of responsibility are endemic to its survival at the expense of average Americans and our most essential institutions. Sam and Dayen also look forward to tomorrow’s primary in New Hampshire and how it might shape the field for the Nevada caucus and the South Carolina primary.

And in the Fun Half: Joe Biden’s Dog Face Pony Soldier, Bernie Sanders’ new defense against “socialist” critiques, Obama’s record on the housing crisis, a ground report from Las Vegas ahead of the Nevada caucus, Pete Buttigieg McKinsey-speaks his way through his dread policing record, Amy Klobuchar offers empathy she can’t deliver, how to convince your friends to not vote Bloomberg, the Kennedy legacy in Massachusetts, the importance of the Romney vote to remove Trump from office, Lindsey Graham completely flummoxed defending Rudy’s claims that he “has the goods,” Clinton’s 2016 modeling problems,

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