2/3 The Iowa Caucus Preview w/ Dave Weigel

February 3, 2020

Happy Monday! It’s finally here, after more than a year of campaigning, the Democratic presidential hopefuls put in their final pitches before Iowans head to their local precincts to caucus. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post’s The Trailer joins us to give the state of play in the Democratic race. And we’ll be back for live coverage this evening around 8 PM EST. Weigel recounts his 60+ days in Iowa and fills listeners in on the story behind the scrapped Des Moines Register poll. In trying to predict how the 2020 Democratic primary will shakeup, Weigel admits it’s hard to tell because of the lack of polling this cycle. Then, Sam compares the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign to the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. Weigel then describes each candidate’s closing message before tonight’s caucus and why Buttigieg has not pulled away from the pack the way Obama did in 2008, despite imitating the 44th president’s message. Sam and Weigel consider why power players have not attacked Sanders more comprehensively. Finally, the two conclude their conversation explaining the process for tonight’s delegate count. 

And in the Fun Half: Chris Matthews’ contempt for leftists, looking forward to Super Tuesday, how Trump will treat his exoneration, Chris Christie is right for almost 80 seconds about Mike Bloomberg, understanding China’s economy, an upcoming mansplaining convention, the Bernie Sanders campaign’s organizing has checked all the boxes in Iowa, reports from precinct captains, in 2016 Rachel Maddow congratulates Bernie’s efforts to help Hillary, Rashida Tlaib is fed up with Hillary’s comments about Bernie, how to best address Hillary’s attacks on Bernie,

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