1/14 Project Veritas’ Fake Gotcha & The Bernie Sexism Nothingburger

January 14, 2020

Sam and the crew bring you all the 2020 Democratic primary news in anticipation of tonight’s debate in Des Moines, IA.

On today’s show: Project Veritas catches Bernie volunteer Kyle saying DNC will be just like 1978. Also: saying Bernie’s free college plan will educate people to not be Nazis. Trump labor department changes Obama-era rule on labor. WI judge orders purging of over 200,000 voters. On the Bernie Sanders sexism nothingburger: Warren statement claims Bernie told her a woman can’t win in private convo. HEADLINE: Biden says sexism won’t happen to him. Bernie encourages a third grade girl to run for office, and presidency. Bernie 1988: says a woman can win, asks if voters on the side of working people or corporate interests. Emily’s list posts story: “Can a woman beat Trump? Some Democrats wonder if it’s worth the risk.” Ad against Republican Cory Gardner: He works for Trump, not Colorado.

On the fun half: A classic libertarian debate. Cheri Bustos won’t say whether AOC’s fundraising is helping the Democrats. Obama 2008: Reminding voters about Senator Clinton’s track record. Obama 2008: Clinton is rewriting history with her Iraq War vote. An Iranian caller on the demonstrations against Iran’s authoritarian government.

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