1/8 White House Beats The Iran War Drum As The Media Manufactures Consent

January 8, 2020

The MR crew breaks down the news.

On today’s show: Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrck says Trump is a multi-dimensional chess player. Time Magazine publishes consent-manufacturing piece on how to talk to kids about the Iran conflict. General McChrystal says Soleimani isn’t that different from him in BBC documentary. Sunday: Pompeo avoids specifics of imminent threat, says it’s Soleimani’s history. Tuesday: Mike Esper says Soleimani threat was days away. Tuesday: Pompeo claims he’s answered the “imminence question.” Steve Schmidt claims that a hot war with Iran is now inevitable. Sam says all Democrats need to back checks on executive war powers.

On the fun half: A vegan libertarian calls in to debate Sam, combining two of his favorite flavors. Bloomberg judges hot dogs, women’s looks on “The Apprentice.” A caller updates us on the situation in Kashmir, the Farmington University scam. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) calls the White House’s Iran briefing “sophomoric and utterly unconvincing.” CBP officer speaks out about the horrors of family separation.

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