11/18 Is Trump Hurting Red State Republicans? & Picking Up Statehouses in 2020 w/ Aaron Kleinman AKA BobbyBigWheel

November 18, 2019

Aaron Kleinman (@bobbybigwheel), Director of Research at the Future Now Fund, joins Sam to discuss the 2019 election results, Trump’s position in Deep Red America, and what it means for 2020.

On today’s show: John Bel Edwards beats Trump-backed Republican in LA governor’s race. Last week: Trump says he needs a win in LA.

Aaron Kleinman (@bobbybigwheel), Director of Research at the Future Now Fund, joins Sam to discuss the 2019 election results, Trump’s position in Deep Red America, and what it means for 2020. Is Trump affecting elections in red states? Is impeachment a factor? The narrative of urban vs. rural America and the impact of local news. What’s driving increased turnout? Trump couldn’t get Matt Bevin over the hump in KY. Why Democrats need to focus on local, material concerns. What do first time voters look like? The possibility of flipping Obama to Trump voters in IA. Maine: not necessarily a blue state.

On the fun half: First footage of Trump after leaving unplanned hospital visit. Barr goes after Democrats for “identity politics,” says the left is undermining the rule of law. IDW update: Sam Harris says Sam engages in “psychopathic behavior.” Harris says Sam Seder is an “ends justifies the means” actor and part of the banality of evil. A caller tells us how he ran for office in Bucks County, PA and almost won. Joe Biden explains why he’s against marijuana decriminalization, calls it a gateway drug. Bernie Sanders tells Jorge Ramos that Morales removal in Bolivia is a coup. Journalist Teresa Bo pepper-sprayed during Live report from La Paz, Bolivia. Julian Castro calls out Buttigieg’s lack of minority support. Bloomberg apologizes for stop & frisk at Brooklyn black church. Flashback: Bloomberg defends stop & frisk in Feb 2019. Prince Andrew says he has no recollection of meeting Virginia Roberts, the woman accusing him of rape. Prince Andrew says Virginia Roberts account of him is wrong because he was unable to sweat at the time. Prince Andrew says he will take all legal advice before testifying under oath. Should there be open borders for indigenous people? Plus, your calls!

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