9/18 Corey Lewandowski Admits To Lying & on the Fun Half Billy Bragg!

September 18, 2019

On today’s show, the MR crew brings you the news and in the fun half, singer, songwriter and activist Billy Bragg (@billybragg) joins us!

On today’s show: Bret Stephens says US military should strike Iran’s navy. Judiciary counsel asks Lewandowski about truthfulness of TV appearances and testimony to special counsel regarding Mueller investigation, Lewandowski admits to lying on TV. Counsel asks Lewandowski why he enlisted Rick Dearborn to speak to Sessions. USDA getting rid of health inspectors in certain meat processing plants. Boris Johnson attempts photo op in children’s ward, gets called out by dad for NHS cuts. Ro Khanna explains why M4A is essential for bargaining like UAW. Sara Nelson says UAW has one of the best health plans in the country but management can still hold it hostage. As elections begin, Netanyahu fear mongers that Arab turnout is high. A report from the scene of the UAW strike.

On the fun half (which is a FREEBIE today): Singer, songwriter and activist Billy Bragg (@billybragg) joins us to talk about his series of political pamphlets, “The Three Dimensions of Freedom.” Fire as metaphor for capitalism. What “freedom” means to Bragg. The hypocrisy of free speech warriors who can’t take criticism. The need for movements and vehicles of accountability.

Biden says child tax credit will “put 720 million women back in the workforce.” Former ICE director Tomas Homan argues for private prisons, because they are more efficient. Naomi Klein warns against eco-fascism and the far right co-opting climate change. A caller pranks Sam.

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