7/19 There Are No Sidelines As Trump Pushes Race War Politics W/ Benjamin Dixon

July 19, 2019

Trump disavows his own supporters?

Good morning, Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), host of the Benjamin Dixon show joins us today. Benjamin explains why even if Trump is defeated he has left sustained body blows on America, is the media starting to understand the Republican Party? Bill Barr backs Donald Trump and are our institutions failing? Joe Biden in trouble? Benjamin and Sam make debate predictions, of course never believe Trump apologies and the money behind the far right culture war.

On the Fun Half: Ilhan Omar is welcomed home in Minneapolis and gives an inspiring address. Marco Rubio, tests an incredibly lame defense of Republican racists. Debunking the Ilhan Omar anti semitism lies. A caller explains the future of the heartland and the climate crisis. Ronald Raygun, has a Rubin style insight. What type of campaign will 2020 be? Alan Dershowitz, explains he has a “perfect sex” record. Sanders, Warren and labor. Dan Crenshaw, does lame propaganda against raising the Minimum Wage and your calls IMs.

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