5/14 War Drums for Iran & the Cost of a Non-Democratic Senate

May 14, 2019

Sam analyzes yesterday’s Supreme Court verdicts including the 5-4 decision to overrule Nevada v. Hall, a 1979 ruling that allowed an individual to sue a state in another state’s courts. Sam explains why the conservative opinion will be used as precedent to “make it more difficult for lawyers to refrain from challenging settled law” as stated by Breyer in his dissent. Sam then goes deep on Trump’s lasting legacy and his domination of the courts where he recently appointed his 38th appointment to the circuit courts, making 1 in every 6 circuit judges a Trump appointee. What can the Democratic Party do to thwart the GOP’s judicial domination? Maybe run strong candidates in competitive Senate races instead of adding to the endless stream of 2020 Presidential candidates–i.e. Beto, Bullock, and Hickenlooper. Meanwhile, Trump’s foreign policy team is gearing up for war in the Middle East as Pompeo visit allies and adversaries alike to share Bolton’s plans to deploy 120,000 troops to the region. Sam then closes out the free half of the show with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visit to the White House.

And in the Fun Half: why Bernie’s support amongst young people is dropping, Ronald Raygun has reached his goal for his migrant bail fund and it’s now a 501c and donations are now tax deductible, Pharma executives cut a rap video to market the company’s strongest Fentanyl prescription, Sargon of Akkad says it’s ok to joke about rape because British soldiers used their dark sense of humor to make it through war, Sam wonders where Ben Shapiro got the authority to decide who is and who is not a Real Jew, Georgia Senator David Perdue lies about pro-choice abortion laws, Candace Owens is now tenured at PragerU, the disturbing trend of alt-right teens on YouTube, the Democratic Party and its strategies to win the Senate, what is libertarian socialism, plus your calls and IMs!

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