2/5 The Known Citizen: A History of Privacy in Modern America w/ Sarah E. Igo

February 5, 2019

Sarah E. Igo, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Program in American Studies at Vanderbilt University, joins us to discuss her book, The Known Citizen A History of Privacy in Modern America.

On today’s show: Fox News pundit Charles Payne says AOC’s tax proposal smacks of fairness.

Sarah E. Igo, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Program in American Studies at Vanderbilt University, joins us to discuss her book, The Known Citizen: A History of Privacy in Modern America. While “privacy” as a concept is quite old, it gained new relevance in the 19th century when technology, corporate industry, the press, and the administrative state grew rapidly. From the workplace to Madison Avenue to our current digital dystopia, Igo tracks the ways in which people and entities have negotiated the boundaries between “public” and “private.”

John Avlon says Trump’s SOTU might finally be the day he becomes president.

On the fun half: Howard Schultz wants AOC to stop billionaire hatred, wants to use more inclusive language: “people of means.” Wendell Primus, Pelosi advisor, says Dems will not pursue single-payer healthcare. Trump says we should keep troops in Iraq to “keep watching” the middle east. CNBC economist says Bernie’s policies would be good for the economy. Bakari Sellers says there are different ways to M4A and we need private industry, endorses Harris and Booker plans. Ro Khanna explains how drug “innovation” is publicly funded. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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