2/1 Harris’ Punitive Record, Schultz’s Doomed Run & Strikes Kill Shutdowns w/ Benjamin Dixon & Virgil Texas

February 1, 2019

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon ), co-founder of the North Star and Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas ), of Chapo Trap House, join us.

On today’s show: Pompeo announces US withdrawl from Cold War INF treaty.

Benjamin P. Dixon joins us to discuss the latest news from Washington: The government shutdown, the power of the strike, Trump and abortion, Cory Booker’s campaign video, Kamala Harris’ criminal justice record, and wtf is Howard Schultz doing?

Virgil Texas, prolific gamer and co-host of Chapo Trap House, joins us. Steve Schmidt defends Schultz run. Mike Slater claims we need billionaires to save us from poverty. Amy Klobuchar proposes tax-savings nonsense for “apprenticeships,” education. (PSA: You don’t have to pay for an apprenticeship at a good union job.) Is it good or bad that we’re discussing Kamala Harris’ criminal justice now instead of later in the primary? Ralph Northam explains women’s choice bill on radio. Warren says our economics and taxation is “capitalism without rules.” Dave Rubin says he wouldn’t blame people if they turned to ethno-nationalism. Ana and Cenk break down Dave Rubin’s superchat-gate “debate Sam Seder.” Speaker Johnson asks Amazon again: “Why do you need billions of dollars?” AOC asks doctor if public gets any ROI from NIH research which subsidizes drug development.

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