11/6 This Election’s Greatest Wave Could Come Down-Ballot, Way Down-Ballot w/ Sean McElwee

November 6, 2018

Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee) of Data For Progress joins us to discuss his predictions for the midterms.

On today’s show: Trump says he (kind of, maybe) regrets his tone over the past two years, but it’s the media’s fault.

Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee) of Data for Progress joins us to discuss his predictions for the midterms, and why he believes the most important results of this year’s election will come in local and state races as well as the less-discussed local ballot measures. You can read more about it in Sean’s latest op-ed at HuffPost, “This Election’s Greatest Wave Could Come Down-Ballot. Way Down-Ballot.” And check out his post-midterms analysis at What The Hell Happened? 

On the fun half: Ronald Raygun gives some voter suppression tips for GOP-heavy districts. Does Sam have “old black guy” anger? Old woman cries after voting for Beto. MAGA women say they were denied service at NYC restaurant because MAGA. Chuck Grassley explains why Iowa and House still need Steve King. Hannity joins Trump onstage at rally. Claire McCaskill’s bad leadership in MO. Former MO governor Jay Nixon’s poor treatment of black potential voters. Jeff in GA says it’s looking hopeful for Abrams. Mindy on her Trump voodoo doll. Ted Cruz wants to go to the bathroom, just like a real human would. Reverend Aaron of @Punks4Progress plugs some progressive candidates in NV.

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