10/5 Our Exploding Infrastructure & Monsanto’s Poison: Sam Reports From Torts Conference in Las Vegas

October 5, 2018

Sam is live from the Mass Torts conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Sam speaks with David Pakman (@dpakman), host of the David Pakman Show, live from the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas. Sam and David break down the ins and outs of how the Kavanaugh vote could go. Does the left, broadly speaking, need to be more aware of the judiciary branch? And what does that actually mean in practice? Also: The new NAFTA is a real mixed bag for workers.

Sam speaks with lawyer Michael Berg about his work representing victims of gas explosions: How our crumbling infrastructure contributes to the problem, how gas companies are committing malfeasance, and what Berg and his clients are doing to fight back.

Sam speaks with Bobby Kennedy about his work holding Monsanto accountable for exposing people to pesticides that cause cancer, particularly lymphoma. In addition to outlining his current work, Kennedy gives some history of Monsanto’s crimes in the name of profit, stretching back to its current parent company IG Farben.

On the fun half: Chuck Grassley and Maria Bartiromo wonder if George Soros is behind the Kavanaugh protests, Trump tweets about it 80 minutes later. Rep. Louis Gohmert goes Nazi on George Soros, the Democratic Party. A sex worker and DACA recipient calls in to give her perspective on SESTA/FOSTA and how these laws will hurt both sex workers and trafficking victims. Trump has toilet paper stuck to his shoe as he boards AF1 for MN rally. Generation Forward poll finds millennials favor socialism over capitalism, especially millennial POC. DCCC ad takes on tax breaks for the wealthy. Another ad encourages young people to vote for Democrats to own the olds. The Yankees cross a hotel strike picket line in Boston.

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