5/15 The Israeli Mass Killings at the Gaza Border w/ Yousef Munayyer

May 15, 2018

Yousef Munayyer (@YousefMunayyer), Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, joins us.

On today’s show: IDF deploys tear gas drones against protesters at Gaza border. Nikki Haley lays blame for the violence on Hamas and their burning kites.

Yousef Munayyer (@YousefMunayyer), Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, joins us to discuss the situation in Gaza. The internal displacement of Palestinians to Gaza and the problems they face there. What really happened after Israel’s 2005 “withdrawal”? How Israel maintains a racial apartheid state and violates international law with impunity. Who the protesters are, what role Hamas is actually playing, and the myth that Hamas has majority support. The billions of dollars the US gives Israel each year in completely unnecessary military aid. How US public opinion on Israel is shifting. The significance of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem on the anniversary of the 1948 Palestinian exodus, or Nakba. Munayyer’s own family’s story of displacement and the #mynakbastory hashtag. How Americans can demand accountability from our government. The BDS movement and parallels with South African apartheid. The post-Trump outlook for middle east policy.

On the fun half: Jared Kushner says the US embassy in Jerusalem shows Trump is keeping his promises. Miserable lying nerd Ben Shapiro thinks US media outlets are “acting as propaganda arms for Hamas.” Eddie Glaude Jr. says “this is me being a moralist” on MSNBC, can’t talk horse race when people are dying. Trump’s China tweets. Raj Shah says the White House can’t speak to Trump, Inc. deals, won’t comment on emoluments clause.

An Israeli caller on what it’s like to be a leftist there and the difficulty of getting good info from the media. NM Congressional candidate Pat Davis says “fuck the NRA” in campaign ad. Sonoran Science Academy student gives himself superlative “most likely to bomb the US.” A caller recommends “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel” by Alison Weir. A plug for Greg Edwards, a Bernie-endorsed progressive running in the Democratic primary in PA’s 7th Congressional district. A caller who used to work at IHS explains how the Koch brothers essentially own it and how he snapped out of being a libertarian.

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