9/26 ESVN #54 – NFL WEEK 3: Dolphins Put Up 70! Bears REELING; Josh McDaniels Is Bad; CJ Stroud Is Legit

September 25, 2023

It’s ESVN Week #54! Emma and Bradley break down the NFL week 3 action, including the Dolphins putting up a near-record 70 points on the Broncos, Josh McDaniels’s mind boggling field goal decision, and the ascending CJ Stroud.

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Eagles 27, Bucs 21
Bengals 24, Rams 20


Eagles 28, Bucs 10
Rams 28, Bengals 27


4:42-24:19-Dolphins hang SEVENTY (70!) on the Broncos; McDaniel SPARES Sean Payton some embarrassment 

24:20-35:54-Josh McDaniels is an IDIOT! WHY did he go for a field goal?!

37:38-49:36-Is this rock bottom for the Bears? Can Justin Fields be salvaged? Could Shane Steichen save him?!

49:37-59:59-CJ Stroud DEALING so far! Will he be better than Bryce Young?

1:00:00-1:10:27-Cowboys EMBARRASSED by the Cardinals-what the Hell happened!

1:10:28-1:19:41-Odds & ends-Vikings LOSE even though Chargers tried to hand it to them; Jets, Seahawks, Lions, Falcons, Mac Jones is an asshole

1:19:42-1:23:02Emma and Bradley’s Monday Night Football predictions!

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