5/31 ESVN #38 – NBA & NHL Finals Predictions! Celtics Overhaul? Oakland A’s To Vegas? Cardinals Cut DHop

May 31, 2023

It’s ESVN week 38! Emma and Bradley are back from the long Memorial Day Weekend to give their predictions for the NBA and Stanley Cup finals, deliver a postmortem for the Boston Celtics, the Oakland A’s eventual move to Las Vegas, and the Arizona Cardinals releasing DeAndre Hopkins.

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3:20-16:10-NBA finals preview-Nuggets-Heat-Emma and Bradley’s predictions, evaluating the odds in Vegas

16:11-30:50-Stanley Cup finals preview-Panthers-Knights; predictions, odds in Vegas

30:51-42:52-A requiem for the Celtics-what went wrong? What should they do going forward?

42:53-57:51-The Oakland A’s potentially moving to Vegas-Owner John Fisher is the WORST

57:52-1:12:38-Cardinals CUT DeAndre Hopkins-Can the NFL reward such an intentional tank?

1:12:39-1:20:22-Your IM’s!

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