1/23 ESVN #21 – Divisional Round RECAP: Is Dak The Guy? Mahomes Wins On One Leg, Bengals & Eagles Win Big

January 23, 2023

It’s ESVN Week 21! Emma and Bradley recap the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

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2:46-17:32-NFL Divisional Round! Giants-Eagles; The Eagles are HERE; good vibes still for the Giants 

17:33-34:28-Bengals-Bills; Bills get EXPOSED; Bengals looking hard to beat

34:29-1:06:04-Cowboys-Niners; Skip Bayless MELTS DOWN; Bradley melts down over the last play; where do Cowboys, Dak go from here? The Niners defense is unstoppable 

1:06:05-1:20:14-Chiefs-Jaguars; Mahomes is DIFFERENT; a great year for the Jags

1:20:20-1:45:12-Your calls & IM’s! 

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