1/17 ESVN #20 – WILD CARD RECAP! Daniel Jones Goes OFF! Chargers Cheap Out On Sean Payton? Is Brady Done?

January 17, 2023

It’s ESVN Week 20! Emma and Bradley cap an INSANE super wild card weekend of NFL action, including a HUGE Giants win over the Vikings, as well as the coaching carousel continuing to spin now that teams are getting eliminated from the playoffs.

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0:39-35:18-Emma comes in HOT, riding high on the Giants win; Giants-Vikings recap, what’s next for these 2 teams

35:19-48:40-Cowboys-Bucs recap; where does Brady go from here? 

48:41-1:00:55-Bengals-Ravens with a CLOSE call; should we be worried about Cincy? Is Lamar staying with Baltimore?

1:00:56-1:13:51-Chargers fire Joe Lombardi, NOT Brandon Staley; Chargers-Jags recap-wasn’t the defense bad as well Saturday?! Giving the Jags their flowers 

1:13:52-1:23:46-Niners-Seahawks-Seahawks fight hard, but the Niners might be…inevitable; the case for Kyle Shanahan as Coach of the Year

1:23:47-1:35:07-Bills-Dolphins; are the Bills…okay? Bradley gloats about his picks 

1:35:07-1:38:59-Your IM’s!

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