12/5 ESVN #14 – Bengals and Cowboys ARRIVE, Deion Sanders and deGrom DEPART. Plus, Baker To The 49ers?

December 5, 2022

It’s ESVN Week 14 (!!! Can you believe it?) Emma and Bradley discuss the big news in the MLB with Jacob deGrom leaving the Mets and Justin Verlander joining them, Deion Sanders leaving his HBCU Jackson State for Colorado, Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending injury, and whether the newly cut Baker Mayfield makes sense as his replacement. Plus, a breakdown of the Week 13 action, AND your calls and IM’s!

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2:12-13:02-Huge baseball news! Jacob deGrom to the Rangers, Justin Verlander to the Mets, Trea Turner to the Phillies 

13:03-26:25-Deion Sanders take the Colorado gig-what does this mean for Jackson State, HBCU football programs? 

26:26-36:05-NFL Week 13! Bengals-Chief-The Bengals are HERE

36:06-41:34-How deep can the Bengals go in the playoffs? Who are the most intimidating teams in both conferences?

41:35-45:53-What the Hell is wrong with the Chargers? And can Sean Payton coach them?

45:54-1:02:45-49ers-Dolphins-How do the Dolphins make the most of their roster heading into the postseason? Jimmy G out for the season; Do the Niners go for Baker?

1:02:46-1:11:18-Giants-Commanders; Giants regressing to the mean-why it isn’t cause for concern 

1:11:19-1:27:05-Mike White mania and the Zach Wilson benching still reverberate-what’s the Jets plan here? Therapy session for Bradley

1:27:06-1:34:43-Cowboys-Colts; Cowboys are hitting their stride 

1:34:44-1:41:02-Broncos-Ravens; Russ still hasn’t thrown as many TD’s as bathrooms in his house-how does Nathaniel Hackett still have a job?

1:41:22-2:02:21-Your calls!

2:02:22-2:10:19-Your IM’s and Emma learns to…snap her fingers?

CORRECTION: The University of Colorado coach I was thinking of was Bill McCartney, not Mike McIntyre. I regret the error.-Bradley

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