11/21 ESVN #12 – Zach Wilson Is A Brat & Cowboys Roll. Plus, Controversy With World Cup and Kyrie’s Return

November 21, 2022

It’s ESVN Week 12! Emma and Bradley recap a terrible weekend for the Jets and the Giants, the Cowboys steamrolling the Vikings, and spend some time digging into the issues currently surrounding the World Cup in Qatar, as well as Kyrie Irving’s return to playing with the Nets in Brooklyn. Plus, your calls & IM’s!

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49ers 28, Cardinals 14


49ers 27, Cardinals 10


0:39-2:55-The LAST STREAM on the Majority Report channel! Bradley is in Hell

2:56-20:29-World Cup recap-the insanity in Qatar, and why it’s hard to focus on the soccer (The U.S. tied with Wales!) Emma deepfakes herself 

20:30-32:01-Kyrie Irving reinstated in Ben Simmons’s best game for the Nets; Black Hebrew Israelites congregate outside the Barclays Center, Jaylen Brown tweets support

32:02-47:39-Bradley UNLOADS on the Jets, Zach Wilson

47:40-58:39-Emma expresses some skepticism about the Giants after their loss to the Lions; Bradley tries to bring her back from the brink (role reversal)

1:00:50-1:16:41-Chiefs-Chargers; Brandon Staley still driving Emma and Bradley nuts; Travis Kelce’s a cheat code; Mahomes is the MVP, right? Comparing the Tyreek Hill trade to the Davante Adams trade-who made out the best/worst?

1:16:42-1:26:50-The Broncos, 0-2 against the Raiders this season, are trapped 

1:26:51-1:35:29-Cowboys-Vikings-The Cowboys are coming on strong at just the right time 

1:36:15-1:42:44-Stephen from West Virginia lists of his top 3 favorite sports movies; Emma and Bradley give their picks; Steven has a hot take on certain “sports movies” (Check out Stephen’s show Appalachian Faction! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFiU9VlqTfxgQ0_pOFWeOA?app=desktop)

1:44:06-1:54:54-Nile from Trinidad calls in with a nuanced perspective on Kyrie; and Nile gives Bradley some props for his picks (with a backhand) 

1:54:55-1:59:23-Mike in West Hollywood recommends his top 3 sports movies

1:59:24-2:02:01-Your IM’s! And OT IS WEDNESDAY AT 3:00 PM!

2:02:02-2:04:37-Emma and Bradley’s Monday Night Football predictions 

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