9/19 ESVN #3 – NFL Week 2: Comebacks Galore! Bezos Butters Up Goodell, Aces Win WNBA Title

September 19, 2022

ESVN #3 – NFL Week 2: Comebacks Galore! Bezos Butters Up Goodell, Aces Win WNBA TitleIt’s ESVN Week 3! Emma and Bradley break down a crazy Sunday slate of NFL games where the Dolphins, Cardinals, and JETS!!! (Ed: Sorry-Bradley) came back from multiple scores to win. They also touch upon round 1 of the Amazon-NFL experience, and the Las Vegas Aces vanquishing their playoff demons and winning the WNBA Championship! Plus, your calls & IM’s!

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27-20 Bills

28-24 Vikings


31-10 Bills

27-23 Eagles

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