4/30 A 2nd Amendment Right for Vehicular Manslaughter & Daily Wire Water Cooler Talk w/ Alex Pareene & Lucie Steiner

April 30, 2021

Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, staff writer at the New Republic, to situate us after 100 days of the Biden presidency, exploring how his administration is inviting pressure to force them towards progressive policy, and how we’re still in a grey area in terms of knowing what the Senate is genuinely willing to get done. Then, they chat about Pareene’s pieces on using Cancel Culture to distract the Republican culture war away from substantively evil policy, and the Right’s legislative defense of vehicular terrorism, before covering how Yang’s unique celebrity status brought him to the top of the NY Mayoral race in spite of uninspiring policy, and the Daily Wire’s near self-parody, without self-awareness. Lucie Steiner of the AM Quickie and KUMP podcast joins us for the Fun Half.

And in the Fun Half: Lucie Steiner joins to explore Tucker Carlson’s repressed WASP schadenfreude, Ben Shapiro’s thumbnail politics, and the crew explores how the Right’s attacks on Critical Race Theory is both a racism and a censorship issue, before talking about Big Tech’s role in online censorship. Next, Rudy Giuliani’s defense gets steered back on track by Tucker Carlson, while Andrew Giuliani uses his dad’s drama to bolster his status as a theoretician. Then, the Daily Wire owns the libs by… celebrating their own Matt Lauer… and Ben Shapiro is the ultimate gifted child, plus, your calls and IMs!

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