5/6 From The Campaign Trail w/ Dave Weigel

May 6, 2019

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel (@daveweigel ) joins us from the campaign trail.

On today’s show: Dennis Prager of Prager U says there’s hardly any racism anymore except anti-white racism.

Dave Weigel joins us to share updates from the campaign trail. Despite being touted as the front-runner, Joe Biden has not drawn crowds as large as Bernie Sanders. The un-sorted, non-ideological character of rally attendees so far. How the idea of “electability” is driving voter preferences. How Bernie’s presence in the race has caused other Democrats to pursue strategies not centered on economic populism. The lack of enthusiasm for the idea that we can get rid of Trump through impeachment.

On the fun half: Gorka goes on C-SPAN, says MBS is far better than Maduro and the Khashoggi killing wasn’t as WaPo presented. Caller calls out C-SPAN for having on a known grifter and propagandist. Are Macron’s policies in France the fault of Germany? Ro Khanna addresses concerns about a messy transition for healthcare workers, says wages will go up as a result of m4a. Mike Pompeo calls China’s Muslim concentration camps “re-education camps,” accuses host of “ticky tack” in pointing out he fudged the numbers. John Kelly joins board of Caliburn International, the for-profit company that runs the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children in South Miami-Dade. Bernie responds to Biden calling himself “the most progressive” in the race. Bernie explains why he favors sweeping overhaul of healthcare system, addresses issue of wait times for popular doctors. Larry Kudlow does an ad for the economy. Twitch streamers mock Dave Rubin’s refusal to debate Sam.

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