10/4 Opioids, Strippers, & Jet Fuel: Sam Live From Las Vegas

October 4, 2018

Good morning everyone, on today’s show, Sam reports from the Torts conference in Las Vegas. For those new to the MR family, a brief explainer: Sam heads twice a year to the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas and gives an inside look into the biggest legal battles against America’s worst corporate actors.

Sam sits down with attorney Jeff Gaddy from Levin Papantonio to discuss the status of the multi-state Opioid lawsuit and how lawyers are using similar tactics those used in the Big Tobacco lawsuit of the 80s. Sam is then joined by Steve Babin an attorney with Chapin Legal Group who is engaged in an interesting work wage lawsuit defending exotic dancers in Ohio looking to win dancers backpay for years of dubious independent contracting and indefensible wages.  Attorney Becca Timmons explains how SESTA-FOSTA legislation is both trying to hold tech companies accountable for human trafficking but is simultaneously driving sex workers to the dark web. Sam then interviews attorney Daniel Nigh about his lawsuit against Valsartan which has been recalled for having NDNA in it, a compound found in jet fuel, and how corporations too often make the decision that allows tainted products to reach consumers.

And in the Fun Half: demoralizing polling for Democrats in the wake of the Kavanaugh investigation, why we need greater female representation in government, Heidi Heitkamp is a No on Kavanaugh, Devin Nunes’ illegal immigrant farmers, Americans in Brazil have the worst of both political worlds.

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