9/14 Benjamin Dixon: Diane Feinstein Needs to Go! & Andy Kindler Attacked By the British Press!

September 14, 2018

Cynthia Nixon comes up short in her challenge of Andrew Cuomo, but progressives gain across New York State.

The Host of the Benjamin Dixon, Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon ) joins us and explains the breaking news of the Paul Manafort plea deal. Manafort will plead guilty to defrauding the United States. Serious allegations of sexual assault by SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Was California Senator, Diane Feinstein, hiding the Kavanaugh allegations? Diane Feinstein proves she is politically and morally failing. Why republicans almost certainly knew about the allegations against Kavanaugh. Diene Feinstein pulls a Joe Biden. The IDC loses big in New York and why there is progressive momentum in New York politics and what it teaches us about the “dum dum left”. The Jimmy Dore business model and the left version of Alex Jones. Why the dum dums are stupid about Obama and insane on Tucker Carelson and the Police and PR teams are smearing Botham Jean, after he was murdered in his apartment by an off duty police department.

Legendary comedian and Majority Report amigo Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler), defends his honor after a brutal review of his comedy in the UK. Andy still hates Ricky Gervais. Was there a mob mentality at the Kindler show. Bill O’Reilly happy that Michelle Wolf lost her show on Netflix, still seems unhappy and Dennis Miller getting even less funny?? And what does Andy Kindler do during the day?

On The Fun Half: Diane Feinstein needs to go. The Republican money advantage and how to understand ideology. Republicans in Texas remove Beto signs from someones sign. Tucker Carelson and Michael Avenatti, have a stupid fight and its kind of funny. Lou Dobbs and Ed Rollins are lying and disgusting about Trump’s lies on Puerto Rico. How DuPont poisoned America and the lawsuits that took them down. Jerry Brown attacks Trump on Climate. Random Rush and your calls and IMs.

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